Participating builder in Countryside Gardens, Bedico Creek, Carter Plantation, Terra Mariae
Alternative Design Build Group is now building garden homes in Countryside Gardens subdivision

Co-owner Martin Murphy has 23 years of construction experience. As project manager for over 760 new homes, Martin is a hands-on manager and will personally oversee construction of your home.

Co-owner Gary Salathe has over 39 years of construction and design experience and has designed over 570 homes. Gary conducts all customer meetings, does design work and prices and organizes projects prior to construction beginning.

Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC is an innovative home building company that puts the home designer and the home builder together under one roof. This cooperative effort results in a lifestyle-oriented home design that builds quickly and efficiently with attention to detail, quality and cost.

Alternative Design/Build Group specializes in designing and building custom homes. "Our customers come to us with their ideas, requirements and budget and we design and build a home for them to meet these parameters. Each one is totally different," co-owner Gary Salathe says.

Gary says that he and his business partner, Martin Murphy, also work with customers that are using a design service or an architect to create their home design.

The homes that Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC builds can be located in established subdivisions or on rural acreage. The homes can be a small cost efficient starter home, a huge mansion or any size in between.

Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC is available to build homes throughout the Northshore.

In addition to their custom home business Martin and Gary began building garden homes in 2003 with their three years as the exclusive builder in Terra Mariae, a garden home development north of Covington.

Since then they have also designed and built garden homes in Bedico Creek, Maison du Lac, Countryside and Carter Plantation.

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Are nightmare stories stopping you from building your dream home?

Alternative Design Build Kitchen We've all heard horror stories about building a custom home, from finding affordable designs, to disappointment with a lack of details causing misunderstandings on what is included in the home's price, which lead to cost overuns.

But you won't hear horror stories from Alternative Design/Build, LLC customers, because they follow the nationally recognized design/build concept, where the builder is both the home designer and the contractor. As home designers who build and builders who design, Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC has saved customers thousands of dollars with its sensible designs, budget planning, methodical building process, quality construction, and most of all, competitive pricing.

The first step for a coordinated, hassle-free building project is a solid design tailored to the customer's wants and needs. Gary Salathe - the company partner who designs the homes - visits the homesite, listens to the customer's vision, offers his input and then begins the design process. All effort is directed towards achieving the customer's design goals within their budget.

Alternative Design Build Kitchen "Every customer is unique and every home site is unique, so all of our homes are designed from scratch," he says. "I do a lot of listening and I ask a lot of questions."

He takes all the information and works the home design until it satisfies both the customer's needs and the target budget. Only after all architectural details, color selections and product purchase decisions are finalized, and the detailed construction drawings are completed, is the building contract signed and the project turned over to company partner Martin Murphy, who builds the house exactly as specified, using experienced suppliers and subcontractors.

Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC is responsible for all phases of the project from beginning to end. And with such attention to detail, projects are completed without surprises, on time, and within budget.

Alternative Design/Build Group, LLC is a "true" design/build firm and can design and build a one-of-a-kind custom home for you. Call today to get started on the home of your dreams.

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